Making historical replicas

In this section you´ll find ancient sources of information, description and photos of making such thinks, that was already made long time ago. Now, I tried to do these things by the same way, using authentic materials and technologies. Especially I concentrated on arrows, bows and smith.

I always try to use handwork, but if make replica, this govern much more. If I have to diverge from original process or material, I specify it explicitly.

These products are designed for everybody, who want to return back in time and want to feel spirit of ancestors. These people were fixed in nature, could consciously live it through and thank for every gifts they became. I hope the same youĺl feel if you touch think, that was made by this manner like many human lifes before.

Price of the products you´ll find in section Catalogue - Historical Replicas


Nydam arrows

Description of making Nydam arrow replica, 200.-400.A.D., Germans


Replica of Great Moravia Bow

Description of making bow according to the fragments from 9th century found in Mikulčice.


English War arrows

Description of Standart Arrow, Welsh Class Arrow, Livery Arrow and Qarter Pound Arrow.