Beat with the forge hammer and a dark smithy is getting light from flying molten flakes, which look like golden rain. Red iron is smooth like cheese and changes it´s shape under the hammer hits...

 I was became interested in smithcraft long times ago. My grandfather first showed me how to forge and since this time I have loved this work. Now, I know as long as I can hold a hammer, I´ll forge.


Because I make mostly small things, I forge only with my hands without using any machines. The most important thing is a forging heart. I use field - forging heart, which is driven by my leg. It is faced with chamotte bricks to keep the better heat.

The second important thing is an anvil. I have several anvils with of different weight. It stays on a big wooden block.

The next necessary thing is a hammer. Of course, I have several hammers, each suitable for different type of work.

 To hold forged material, I use diverse types  of smithery pliers. Last but not least, I use handtools such as cutters,and plungers.



Materials which we use today are different from materials produced long time ago. It is given by the technology of producing iron and steel.

I work with materials which are very similar to the old iron. First it is iron with a low content of carbon, smooth material suitable for arrowheads, spears, some parts of tools and decorative work. Another material I use is carbon steel - without other alloys. This material has a structure and properties similar to the old steel used before. I use this steel for hardened arrowheads, knives and tools. The content of carbon up to 1%C guarantees very hard surface after hardening and tempering treatment.

I often use both materials welded together to create tools. This was done in the past, when steel was very expensive material and non-working part of tools were made of iron.

The combination of these is Damask steel, the material with many layers and steel welded in one block. This material does not only have delicious characteristics, but also very nice face after polishing.

To make heat I use black coal or coke when working with hard steels. Coke needs more air to keep burning and doesn´t contain sulphur. In the past charcoal was often used.


In smithcraft  I always learn something new. I´m going to enlarge amount of products. Some of these you´ll find on my web site.