Handcraft production is targeted primary on making of bows, arrows, crossbow arrows and smithed arrowheads. Furthermore you find here also leather and linen quivers, flemish strings, different types of shafts, spear heads, hand made tools and many others.

Many customers make repeated order. I decided to quote discount for bigger or next order. This discount is available, if price of your order exceed value listed below. Price of your order count all the time, so when you make the next order within two years, the price is added and you have discount, which is listed in the table.

achieved value discount
300 € 2%
600 € 4%
1000 € 6%
1500 € 9%

This discount cannot be claimed, when you buy Archery suits.

Delivery time depends on amount of orders, which are worked at the moment. Your order will be process as soon as possibly, but quality is foremost. We tell you always approximated date.

Please, see Terms and Conditions before you make any order.