Terms and Conditions

Handcraft production is aimed primarily on hand made tools, bows, arrows, crossbow arrows and smith arrowheads. Furthermore you can also find here leather and linen quivers, different types of shafts, spear heads, and many others. Delivery time depends on the amount of orders, which are being processed at the time. Your order will be processed as soon as possible, but quality is foremost. We always tell you the approximated date. Please, see Terms and Conditions before you make an order.


Send your order to our mail sagittaria@email.cz. We recommend you to write full details including your email address. The customer shall be fully responsible for any incorrectly stated contact details and shall bear any extra postage cost. In case that the product info states more options, please highlight your selected option. No subsequent complaints will be accepted. In case of any special request please contact us directly via the above mentioned E-mail address. After completion of order we will contact you directly within five days. No order shall be shipped until we receive the full payment including postage and packing (for details see below). Delivery term of order will be specified by mail. We claim that the term may be changed after individual agreement with the customer.


We accept three payment methods. It is up to you to select the best suitable one.

Bank Transfer

Full details for this payment method will be dispatched to you after completion of your order and receipt of the confirmation E-mail message. Every payment must be specified as OUR, not SHA or BEN – any transfer charges shall be borne by the payer.

Western Union

This is a very prompt payment method requiring a bit more paperwork. Western Union agents can be found at post offices, exchange offices or in banking institutions. If you ask for a money transfer, the Western Union agent shall provide you with a form to be completed with the payment contact details received from our company upon completion of your order. After delivery of a completed form and the money to be transferred (cash payment) you will be given a Money Transfer Control Number and you will send it to sagittaria@email.cz . Within a few hours the transferred money will be ready for payout at out local Western Union agent location. For transaction fees and further information please see the official website www.westernunion.com or www.intercash.cz for the Czech Republic.

Cash Payment

A cash payment may be agreed in case of personal contact. This applies only to the Czech Republic or events abroad attended by our association.

Dispatch of Goods

For dispatch of goods we use delivery services provided by Česká pošta (Czech Post) and subject to an individual agreement and a surcharge payment also the DHL courier delivery services. The postage and packing charge IS NOT included in the price for individual items. Postage examples (Czech Post): 10 arrows – Germany 25€, Great Britain, France, Spain 20€, United States 20€, bow – Germany 30€, France, Austria 25€. Attention! Bow is possible to send only into these countries by Czech Post: Germany, France, Austria. For other destination you must use other delivery services (DHL etc.- may be higher fees). Postage charges will be specified individually after confirmation of order and transaction details. Upon receipt of damaged goods you have to make a complaint record and contact us. For orders of fragile items we strongly recommend to unpack the parcel directly at the post office in the presence of the relevant clerk (pottery, glass). Most items valued over CZK 500 are covered by insurance against such occurrences. The insurance premium is included in the postage charge.

Complaints and Warranty

PLEASE, CHECK THE GOODS IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT. Should there be any problem with your order, a complaint may be lodged within 14 days after receipt. After elapse of 14 days no complaints will be accepted, unless the defect is covered by warranty. In case of any problem kindly contact our office and in case of a justified complaint we will send you a new item free of charge after receipt of the damaged one. We shall be pleased to provide you with a 20% discount for your next order as a compensation for the problems caused from our part. We provide a one-year warranty for many products. The claim will not be recognised in case of any damage caused by improper use. We retain the right to process any claims and repairs within a term of one or two months from the date of receipt of the returned product. Should you have any doubts or questions, do not hesitate to contact us at sagittaria@email.cz