Historical replicas

In this section you´ll find some of the products made according to historical sources, using old techniques and technologies. For more information see part Hancrafts - Making historical replicas.


Replica of Great Moravia Bow

Ash/elm/yew bow made according to description in section Handcrafts - Making historical replicas.



Standart Arrow Replica

The EWBS Standard Arrow is the oldest replica war arrow specification and was developed by Hugh Soar and Chris Boyton nearly 20 years ago.


Livery Arrow Replica

The EWBS Livery Arrow is a faithful representation of a typical military arrow found on board the wreck of the Mary Rose.


Quarter Pound Arrow Replica

The EWBS Quarter Pound Arrow is a representation of a heavy military arrow used to penetrate armour. It is similar to those that were shot during the Hundred Years War.


Nydam Bow Replica

Bow made accordind to fragments found in Nydam, Denmar, 200-400 AD.


Sheaf Arrow Replica

The Sheaf Arrow is a representation of a standard issue military battle shaft used throughout the Hundred Years War. 

  It is an interpretation of an arrow type that may have been one of the thousands shot at the battle of Crécy.