A lot of you want to make your own arrows by yourself and feel beautiful moments, when preparing set of best own arrows. I offer you not only forged arrowheads, but also hand-made shafts.

Shaft is made of ash or poplar. It is sawed and hand planed, surface can be polished with garnet paper. The length of shaft can be for 28", 30" or 32" arrow and diameter from 8 mm to 1/2". Also shafts for crossbow-arrows are available. Shafts can be suited with selfnock.

For excellent arrows I offer also shafts with horn insert in the nock. Horn insert is approx. 2” long. There is already nock cut in this shaft.

Last modification of shaft is tapered type, mostly ½” at the head to 3/8” at the nock. Also these shafts are hand planed and give you the best quality of antiquity.

Shafts can be spinned and same weight, add 10% of price for each parameter.

wood shaft shaft with selfnock shaft with horn insert
ash  4,80 €  5,20 €  11,20 €
poplar  5,20 €  5,60 €  11,60 €

Tapered shaft price 1,50 € higher.