The price of a bow depends on a type, sort of wood and required draw-weight. You´ll find more information about the bows, the process of making them and the pictures in the section Handcrafts - Making of bows. The photos are there to give you an idea of the bows (products) available, they are the bows that have already been sold. It is not possible to require these particular bows because of handmade production. Each one is an original and has its own character.

The price of the bow doesn´t include a string. For strings see part Catalogue - Archery supplements.


When making a bow I like to work with snaky wood. But if you require a straight bow without knots and waves, please mention it in your order.


Ash longbows

Bows made of one piece of ash, longbow type.



Ash flatbows

Bows made of one piece of ash, flatbow type.



Other wood bows

Bows made of hazel, hornbeam and other woods. Also yew bows can be made. In case of interest, please ask for actual wood possibilities.



Bows over 80 lbs draw-weight.