If you start making something by your hand, you will soon feel that it is very important which tool you use. I speak not only about outer shape of tool, but also about its inner face. This is the enchantment of old craftsmen, they use their own tools all their life and the tools become the part of their body.

This level of skills cannot be achieved with machine-produced tools. The tool must have its own history and life. Therefore I offer such tools as an alternative against normal mass produced tools. I trust you´ll feel the difference by yourself.

In the tool making I specialize in wood-working tools, like chisels, drawknives and axes. Working part of these tools consists of two materials - iron and unalloyed carbon steel. The iron forms the body of the tool, and hard carbon steel forms the blade. I use forge welding to connect these different materials together, as our ancestors did.

Hand of the tool is made of different types of wood - ash, oak, elm or yew, lilac-wood for nice tools. This should be specified in the order.


Carving knives

Small carpentery knives with handforged blades.


Carpentery chisels

Carpentery chisels with handforged straight blade.