Ash flatbows

Flatbows made of ash or elm wood have better properties than longbow of the same sort of wood because white woods are no compression resistant. Therefore thin profiles are better and the flatbows the flatbows do not mostly have as big string follow as longbows. The combination of bow length and draw -length can be 68"/26", 70"/28", 72"/30". The bow length is measured between nocks, the  total bow length is about 1" higher. The draw - weight is limited up to 70 lb. It is possible to ask for a child bow, shorter and weaker then listed.

The bows are heated on the belly, polished with garnet paper and coated with linseed oil. The middle of the bow is wrapped with leather thong.


Draw weight Price
children version<30 lbs 65,00 €
up to 30 lbs 75,00 €
30-40 lbs 90,00 €
40-50 lbs 100,00 €
50-60 lbs

115,00 €

60-70 lbs 135,00 €