Arrows - Antiquity period

The shafts of these arrows are also made from sawed and hand planed timbers, the arrowhead is handforged, fixed with nail and hide glue. Feathers are tied on with a natural sinew and glued with hide glue.

I offer these arrows only with white or grey goose feathers, which were actually used in this time, and also only with iron heads (hardened steel was too expensive). As mentioned above, there is are a lot of other different arrowhead types available (see part Arrowheads). Price is the same also for ash and poplar wood.


  • Feathers 4" long
Feathers Broadhead I Bodkin IV
white goose 12,20 € 12,00 €
grey goose 13,70€ 13,50 €


  • Feathers 6" long, white goose
Feathers Broadhead I Bodkin IV
white goose 13,50 € 13,30 €
grey goose 15,00 € 14,80 €